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How It All Works

-These Are The Rules-

1) There is no buying or selling, just giving.

2) Nothing broken. Unless, the repair is cheap.

3) No items that are soiled or dirty.

4) There's no storage for items at Swords For Christ.

5) No clothing, because of sizing issues.

6) Friends and extended family may participate.

-Giving Items-

Email clear pictures and a detailed description of items to solomon.listed@gmail.com

-Requesting Items-

Email solomon.listed@gmail.com with the Code #('s) of item(s) desired.
Example: Code:A001(,B222, C010, etc.)

-Collecting Items-

Same day drop off or pick up may occur before/after church service at Swords For Christ location.

No collections outside "posted Church hours" allowed.

If pick up is a hardship, email solomon.listed@gmail.com.
Home delivery of heavier items would depend on availability of willing people and is not guaranteed.

Questions? Please email: solomon.listed@gmail.com